Setup HTTPS on WordPress with Cloudflare's Flexible SSL

Using HTTPS is an important factor in SEO. Many popular websites have switched to HTTPS, but it is not an easy thing to do, especially for bloggers who are not so familiar with the technical matters on the server. Buying SSL and setting up an SSL certificate on the server is a tricky thing. But, fortunately Cloudflare provides Flexible SSL that very easy to use and is compatible with various kinds of engine website.

Of course WordPress is one of them, it’s the most popular blogging engine and now powering 25% of the entire websites on the internet. I’m using WordPress and Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL on my blog, here are what I did.

1. Register to Cloudflare and add your domain.

2. Change your domain’s nameservers to that provided by Cloudflare, wait until the DNS propagation process is finished.

3. On Cloudflare, add A record pointing your server’s IP address. Go to DNS tab.

3. Install the following plugins on your blog:
CloudFlare Flexible SSL
WordPress HTTPS

4. Setup the WordPress HTTPS plugin


5. Setup SSL on Cloudflare, choose Flexible SSL (more info).


6. Setup Page Rules, add new rule to redirect all traffic to HTTPS. Just follow the following settings.

Page Rules Cloudflare


That’s it, good luck!

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