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Run Google Keep as a Desktop App on Mac, Windows or Linux

Google Keep is not the first note-taking app in the world, even Google released it when Evernote at the peak of popularity. But Google Keep has one advantage that Evernote or other services does not have, that is the simplicity and integration with the Google account, anyone have a Google account, right? Especially if you are using Android. Continue reading

Setup Monit email alert using Yandex’s SMTP

There are many ways to monitor a server, one of them is using Monit, a tool which will always check the services running on the server and it can send alert when there is a problem. Continue reading

Fix invalid Jetpack token on WordPress

Hi, recently I got a problem with my Jetpack installation on my WordPress. I don’t know when it began not working and the dumb part is I didn’t know which WordPress account attached on my Jetpack. 😀 Continue reading

Find out what folders are taking up the the storage

Managing servers with CLI is a bit difficult, especially if you’re not a sysadmin, but if you have an unmanaged VPS for your blog and you have a problem with full storage, you can find out what folder is consuming the storage with the following simple command: Continue reading

Changing Terminator’s default window size

Terminator is a great replacement for the default terminal emulator on Linux distributions, but I got a really simple problem, the default window size is too small for me. So, if you are the with me and you want to change the setting, just follow these steps: Continue reading

Setup HTTPS on WordPress with Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL

Using HTTPS is an important factor in SEO. Many popular websites have switched to HTTPS, but it is not an easy thing to do, especially for bloggers who are not so familiar with the technical matters on the server. Buying SSL and setting up an SSL certificate on the server is a tricky thing. But, fortunately Cloudflare provides Flexible SSL that very easy to use and is compatible with various kinds of engine website. Continue reading

Facebook Messenger for Desktop (Mac, Windows, and Linux)

Facebook is the most influential social networking today with more than 1 billion active users. One of the Facebook’s most frequently used features is the Messenger, initially Messenger “just” a feature of Facebook, but lately Messenger turns into a separate service, the development of its features is quite progressive, the newest feature is face recognition, it’s awesome, but also scary. Continue reading

Fix Easy Engine or WP-CLI Error When Adding New WordPress 4.4 Site

Easy Engine is one of the most useful tool for managing WordPress on unmanaged VPS. You can just execute a single command to add a new WordPress site, and then point your domain to the server’s IP address and everything is done. This tool uses wp-cli to install the WordPress engine, which is also a powerful tool. Continue reading

Easy Upgrade to PHP 7 and Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi, PHP 7 was released last month. Many developers say that this major update Brings amazing speed improvement. You can see the Zend’s infographic below, it seems you should try PHP 7, I think. 🙂 Continue reading

20+ Best SSD Shared Hosting Services in 2016

Having a business using a website as a major promotional media would need a reliable web hosting service. Not only for the consideration of up time and availability, but now the speed is one of the main factors to get traffic from search engines, like Google. Therefore, you should consider using a SSD powered shared hosting. Because the SSD performance is much better than the conventional hard disk. Continue reading

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