How to setup a free custom domain email on Yandex (a great alternative for Outlook and Gmail)

Google has put an end to its free custom domain email service a long time ago, and finally, Microsoft will also do the same thing. I’m still using the Outlook service for my personal custom email, but I think I must migrate to another service that is still free of charge.

There are many email services other than Gmail and Outlook with the same quality, one of them is Yandex.Mail.

Yandex is a Russian-based company, many people call it “the Google of Russia” because it is also a search engine founded in 1997, and it has the same services like maps, mail, translation, cloud storage, and many more. Free email with is available in English, but if you want to set up an email with a custom domain, it’s available only in Russian. 😀

Yandex offers 1000 email accounts with your own domain for free.

Basically, the custom domain email settings are the same on all services, but let me help you to set up your custom email on Yandex.Mail step by step.

Let’s get started!

1. Create a Yandex account

You can register an email account at It is in English, so it must be easy.

2. Sign in to Yandex domain admin

Go to and sign in with your Yandex account. Tips: just write your username and password, then hit Enter!

3. Register your domain

UPDATE: Yandex has a setup page in English! Thanks to ahmedwinlin for this tip! 

Just go to and set up your domain in minutes. 🙂 Enjoy!

Insert your domain and hit the “Подключить домен” button. It means “connect domain”.

4. Verify domain ownership

You don’t need to change the DNS server, I think the fastest way is by adding a CNAME record to your domain. There are two important values in the red boxes.

Go to the domain admin on your registrar and add the CNAME record, I’m using Namecheap for the example.

5. Setup MX record

Create an MX record from your domain admin with the following values:
Host Name: @

Server: (ends with dot (.))

Mail type: MX

Priority : 10

6 . Create an account on your custom email

Yup, one more step, and the setup process will be finished. Now you can create an email account with your own domain, you can create up to 1000 accounts! o/

If you don’t get any problems, just go to

Change the language with two clicks!

Use the following IMAP and SMTP config for custom email clients:


Port: 993 with SSL enebled


Port: 465 with SSL enabled

Want to test your new email? Send an email to


ahmedwinlin 24 December 2014 Reply

thank you, iam setuping mycustom domain in yandex now
btw You can change step 2 with this
it is already in english.

Taufiq 25 December 2014 Reply

Superb! Thank you for this information. 🙂

Umer 23 January 2015 Reply

I am transferring my custom domain to yandex mail. Although did not hear much bad about yandex but curious if its really a reliable email service? I primarily use it for business… is it worth giving this a go ?

Taufiq 23 January 2015 Reply

Hi, I also use Yandex for business. This is great and reliable, so far.

Yasin 29 January 2016 Reply

Hi there, i want to migrate from google apps to yandex custom domain mail using the same domain mail name (, do i need to delete my account in google apps or not? It would be great if you could provide the tutorial. Thank you very much

Taufiq 12 August 2016 Reply

I think you dont need to delete your google apps account, because after your NS records are changed to yandex all email will redirected to yandex. But some important emails on your google apps need to be saved.

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