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How to Make Android Faster: 17 Tips to Speed Up Your Smartphone

Android comes with all the awesomeness, this is an open-source project, so that everyone can contribute to its development to make it faster and more reliable. As an ordinary user, you can also make Android run faster. There are many things you can do, if your Android has been rooted, then you can do more advanced things.

I have made a list for you, and some of them require root access. Check them out!

1. Turn off animations

Enable the developer option by tapping 7 times the build number in the About phone section
If the developer options have been enabled, go through it and disable all animations in Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale options.

2. Use a static image for wallpaper

Please, don’t use any live wallpaper if you want to make your Android run faster.

3. Reduce the number of widgets on home screens

Widgets are very functional, but please don’t use them to decorate the home screens. Use the important widgets.

4. Reduce the number of home screens

Home screens are also functional, but make it more efficient with two or three screens. 🙂

5. Check recent apps and close the unused apps

After you close an app by pressing the back button, actually it’s not completely closed. Check it on the recent apps, you can open it again with the last time view is closed. It means, the app is not started from the beginning.
Swipe to the left or right to close an app.

6. Change the launcher, use a lightweight launcher

Typically, the stock launcher is quite heavy, even more, if the launcher uses a lot of animations. Change it with a lightweight launcher, there are a lot of choices in the Play Store. FYI, Nove Launcher is highly customizable and I’ve been using it for a long time and I have never had any problem.

7. One purpose, one app

There are many newsreader apps, but come on, choose the best of them. Use one app for one purpose.

8. Clear cache and junk files to free up the phone storage

It could be that you save gigabytes of junk files in your phone storage, you can remove them using a cleaner app such as Clean Master.

9. If you are using KitKat, switch to ART

Many people said that ART is faster than Dalvik and it is also more efficient for batteries.
Go to Developer options and switch the runtime.

10. Uninstall unused apps

I think it’s very clear. Try App Eater to uninstall apps in bulk.

11. Reduce the amount of synchronized data

In the Account settings, you can choose the items to be synchronized, so choose wisely. If you are not going to use Google Contacts from an account, then disable it.

12. Factory reset

All the phone settings will be restored to the default, it’s like new phone settings. Don’t forget to backup all your important data.

For Rooted Android

13. Remove bloatware

Some apps can help you to remove all bloatware from the stock ROM, but you will need root access. You can try the System app uninstaller.

14. Install a custom ROM

Custom ROMs offer a lot of improvements, some custom ROMs have more features and customizations, but there are also some minimalist custom ROMs. CyanogenMod, OmniROM, Slimroms, Paranoid Android, AOKP have good reputations and awesome community supports.

15. Overclock

An app like Pimp My ROM allows you to increase the clock of the CPU. Overclock will affect your battery life.

16. Manage autostart apps

Some apps run automatically when Android starts. So you need to set it up, choose the only important apps that are allowed to run at the startup. You can use Startup Manager.

17 . Tweak the system

Tweaking Android is pretty easy, for example, improving the accuracy of GPS, improves the detection of the location when you want to check-in Foursquare. You can do more tweaks with Pimp My ROM, give it a try.