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How to Make Image Background Transparent Online

Image editing is not an easy task for some people, especially people like me who often work with terminal and a few lines of code. 🙁 So, I will share about how to make image background transparent. Apparently, there is an online tool for doing that!

You can create a background image that becomes transparent effortlessly, just follow a few steps below:

1. Go to http://www.online-image-editor.com/ and upload your image, make sure you are uploading a PNG image, or you can convert it while your image is being uploaded by checking the “convert during upload “option and choosing PNG.

2. Wait until the uploading process is finished, then go to the “Wizard” tab, choose the “Transparency” icon.

3. Do not change any options on the left sidebar, just click the area you want to make it transparent.

4. Done, you can save your image now.