Fix invalid Jetpack token on WordPress

Hi, recently I got a problem with my Jetpack installation on my WordPress. I don’t know when it began not working and the dumb part is I didn’t know which WordPress account attached on my Jetpack. 😀

Every time I reinstalled the Jetpack plugin, It was already connected to WordPress and I was unable to disconnect through wp-admin, I got no idea, I just got a blank page when I clicked the disconnect link.

I also got error notification, it told me that I have invalid Jetpack token.

So, finally I have to remove the token manually through mysql and reconnect the Jetpack. Here is what I did.

Open terminal and remote my VPS, then I login to mysql and execute the following command.

See your mysql user and password in your wp-config.php file.

mysql -u username -p

delete from wp_options where option_name = 'jetpack_options';

Now the Jetpack will ask to connect to WordPress.

That’s it.

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