Easiest Way to Install ADB & Fastboot on Mac, Linux, or Windows

Android is an operating system that can be developed freely by anyone, it’s all because Android is open-source software. Many developers with professional-level skills volunteered to develop a custom ROM that is tailored to the needs of users. In fact, many of the features of Android 5.0 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow Lollipop adopted the custom ROM features.

It’s not easy to install a custom ROM, the process depends on the model of the smartphone and the availability of custom ROM itself. Well, usually you will need a PC or laptop to the root of the Android, unlock the bootloader, and install a custom recovery. In this section, you should use the ADB and fastboot.

ADB and fastboot is part of the Android SDK can be downloaded for free on the Android Dev’s website, but you do not need all the tools in the Android SDK, so better you install the ADB and fastboot only.

I find the easiest way to install ADB and fastboot on Mac, Linux, or Windows. Actually, this tool is an installer, so you can just run it and let the tool do the rest.

For Mac and Linux, use the Nexus Tools

Run this command on the terminal to install it

bash <(curl

And to uninstall it, run this command

bash <(curl

That’s it. Now you can run ADB dan fastboot command anywhere on your terminal. 😀

For Windows, you can use ADB Installer

Just download it here, and run the installer. Wait until finished.

Good luck!