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Download and Try Twenty Fifteen, The Brand New Default WordPress Theme

WordPress 4.1 comes with a new default theme, just like previous versions, started with Twenty Ten – I think. The brand new theme from the WordPress team is called Twenty Fifteen, it’s totally different from Twenty Fourteen. This time, WordPress brings more readability to the design.

By default, Twenty Fifteen shows a floating left sidebar and recent posts with featured images in the main content. You can see the live demo on this blog, right now. 🙂 I just changed the font with Roboto.

How to download and try Twenty Fifteen

Very easy, just follow a few steps below.

1. Download the latest version of WordPress 4.1 from here, I got the RC1 (Release Candidate).

2. Update your current WordPress to 4.1, use an FTP client or SSH if you have access. As described on the WordPress support page, all you have to do is just delete the wp-admin and wp-includes of the current version, the copy the wp-admin and wp-includes from WordPress 4.1 to replace the deleted folder before.

3. Upload twentyfifteen folder from WordPress 4.1, you can find it in /wp-content/themes/.

4. Activate and configure Twenty Fifteen. Enjoy!