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Installing Country Restricted Android Apps on Play Store

Some important and interesting apps are not allowed to be installed by users in particular countries. This is very annoying, apps like PayPal and Spotify are actually needed by many people outside of America and Europe.

I live in Indonesia, I need the PayPal app, but I can’t get it from the Play Store in the normal way. So I have to use a trick. šŸ™

Here is the trick:

You don’t need to use a computer and the APK file, you only need to use a VPN app. I recommend TunnelBear, this app is very easy to use and you will get 500 MB of data every month. You can get an extra 1 GB with a promoted tweet!

Follow the steps below to install country restricted Android apps on your phone/tablet:

1 . InstallĀ TunnelBear from the Play Store.
2 . Run the TunnelBear, create an account and connect to the US server.

3 . Go to Android Settings -> Accounts, choose Google. Create a new Google account with your VPN connection.

4 . Open the Play Store and switch the account to the new one.

5 . Bingo! Now you can find and install country-restricted apps, including Movies and Music.

The new Google account can be used in the future, just activate the VPN before you switch your account on Play Store.

That’s it, good luck!