How to Change DNS Server Automatically on Android (ROOT)

DNS server is quite important for internet connectivity, this could affect the speed and stability of the internet connection. Many smartphone users don’t pay attention to the DNS server on their smartphone, by default, Android will use the DNS servers provided by WiFi routers and mobile network operators.

Fortunately, almost all parts of the Android system can be tricked, including DNS servers. I found an app to set the default DNS server automatically on Android. So, with this application, we don’t need to change the DNS server every time we switch the internet connection.

You can try the Set DNS app, this app will override the DNS server configuration of the WiFi and mobile networks automatically. This app also provides many DNS server presets, such as Google, OpenDNS, FoolDNS, Symantec, ScrubIt, and many more.

If you don’t want to use those provided DNS servers, you can also use a custom DNS server, you may prefer to use your own. 😛

Set DNS changes the DNS server automatically when you switch the internet connection.

Download Set DNS on Play Store