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Change DNS server on Android without root

DNS server is used to point a domain name to a particular IP address, so we don’t have to remember the IP address to read an article on the internet, we just need the domain name and type it on the browser’s address bar. Therefore, the quality of the DNS server determines the speed of the internet connection.

There are many ways to change the DNS server on Android, and mostly require root access. Unfortunately, not all Android users are willing to root their Android, because rooting may void the warranty. Well, actually there is a way to change the Android’s DNS server without root, and all we need is just an application on the Android itself.

You can try DNSet, open the Play Store and search for it, then install the free version to try it.


The free version only allows to change to Google’s DNS servers ( and, and if you want to be free to use other DNS servers please buy the pro version, the pro version will let you to fill in the DNS server manually.


Using DNSet Pro is also very easy, just type your desired DNS server, then hit the start button. This app will create a local VPN on Android, but only to change the DNS server, so make sure you authorize DNSet to create VPN connection.

Play Store links: DNSet free – DNSet Pro