5 Simple and Beautiful Expense Tracker Android Apps

Even though you have a big income in a month, but if you don’t manage your income properly, then you will be difficult to leave some money for saving. 

Many people suggest to save money at the beginning of the month, it seems very makes sense, right? Because after that, you will feel free to buy things you want without worrying about saving, but all if your expenses must be tracked with an orderly recording transactions every day.

Recording every transaction every day would be tough if we use a complicated and ugly tool. Okay, maybe you often get lost in the Google Play Store when looking for a simple and beautiful expense tracker apps.

A few days ago I was also looking for an expense tracker app that I can use every day, and it only takes a few seconds to record a transaction. So, the app must be very simple and beautiful. 😀

I found 5 expense tracker apps, I have tried all of those apps. Overall, they are not much different one and another. You can record a transaction very quickly.

Important features in those 5 expense tracker apps:

  • add budget
  • fancy overview and report
  • data backup
  • manage categories
  • daily reminder ( only in Expense Manager )
  • Income management ( only in Expense Manager and Budget )
  • handling SMS from banks ( only in Depoza )
  • transactions history
  • ad free o/
  • Holo UI

Here thay are, some apps offer in-app-purchase to unlock more feature.


1. Expense Manager


Play Store link: Expense Manager


2. Depoza – Expense Tracker


Play Store link: Depoza

3. Financius – Expense Manager


Play Store link: Financius

4. Budget


Play Store link: Budget

5 . Easy Expense


Play Store link: Easy Expense


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@tediscript 19 December 2014 Reply

I tried Monefy Pro. It’s simple and awesome. You should give a try. There is also free edition with some limitation. 😀

Taufiq 19 December 2014 Reply

Thanks for your recommendation! 😀

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