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18 Handy Useful Android Tips for Your Daily Life

Using Android without knowing all of the capabilities of these devices will interfere with your work. Cool Android features such as a portable wifi hotspot would be very helpful when you need to use the laptop but could not find an internet connection on the train or other places.

There are many Android features that should be known by all users, although many features that are not used every day, you can help others with your knowledge.

This time I want to share 20 handy tips for Android users, I hope everything is helpful.

Note: I’m using Moto G with N5X ROM, some settings may differ.

1. Enable encryption

Settings -> Security -> Encrypt phone

2. Create reminders via Google Now

Open Google Now or say “Ok Google”, then type “Remind me to …” or you can also say it.

3. Disable autocorrect (AOSP/Google Keyboard)

Settings -> Language & input -> Tap on settings icon and turn off auto-correction

4. Disable location history

Open Google Now, tap Settings -> Location -> disable location history of your Google account.

5. Manage apps icons on the home screen

Almost all launchers allow you to drag-and-drop the icons to arrange and put them into a folder. Just do a long tap on any icon and drag to another grid on the home screen.

6. Monitor and limit data usage

Settings -> Data usage -> Check on "Set mobile data limit"

7. Security on the lock screen

Settings -> Lock Screen -> Screen security
Change screen lock options

8. Take a screenshot

Just press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously

9. Reset to factory settings

Settings -> Backup & reset -> Factory data reset

10. Create a personal wifi hotspot

Settings -> Wireless & networks -> more -> Tethering & portable hotspot

11. Enable/disable location metadata on photos

Open the camera app, go to settings and search for location options. I’m using the stock camera app, here is the screenshot

12. Backup WhatsApp conversations

Open WhatsApp
Settings -> Chat settings -> Backup conversations

13. Backup/Restore SMS

You can use an app to do this, there are so many apps on Play Store to make it easier. Try SMS and Backup Restore, it’s a good app.

14. Uninstall apps

Setings -> Apps -> Choose an app to uninstall

15. Disable app’s notifications

I’ve posted this tips, read the complete guide here. 😛

Quick Tip: Hiding notifications from specific applications on Android

16. Change the default app

Settings -> App -> Choose the current default app, and tap on "Clear default"

17. Enable developer options

Settings -> About phone -> Tap 7 times on Build number

18. Disable animations

Settings -> Developer options
Set to 0 on the following options:
– Window animation scale
– Transition animation scale
– Animator duration scale