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11 Quick Tips to Improve Android Battery Life

The battery is still a problem on mobile devices, many sophisticated and expensive smartphones can be used only for a few hours. In fact, today, many people rely on smartphones to handle a lot of issues, including the job. Lucky if you use a smartphone with a large-capacity battery, you do not have to worry about running out of power even when used all day.

Therefore, you should maximize the use of a smartphone battery, so you can use it for longer. Your habits of using the smartphone are enough to affect the durability of the battery, a smartphone that you use to handle the job and connect to the internet plus play games will only last a few hours, of course.

There are many apps in the Play Store offering some features to save battery life, but wait, I think you should try changing some settings of the Android and your habits, too. It is enough to extend the battery life of your smartphone.

Here are some things you can try to improve Android battery life:

1. Turn off the Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS when not needed
It’s so practical, just pull the notifications bar and switch to quick settings. Now you can easily turn off/on the Bluetooth, Wifi, or GPS.

2. Turn off your phone when you are sleeping
Some stock ROMs have a feature called schedule power on & off. Set your sleeping time and your Android will be turned off automatically and vice versa.

3. Or switch to airplane mode
If you do not want to turn off your smartphone, you can try to switch your Android to airplane mode. It will turn off all the wireless connections.

4. Set the network to 3G prefer
It’s just in case you pass through an area with the poor 3G signal. Android will automatically switch to the 2G network.

5. Uninstall all unused/rarely used apps
Check applications that are installed through the Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded. Select the applications that are rarely used, then remove them. You can more easily do it with apps like Clean Master.

6. Disable it if you are unable to uninstall
Some system apps could not be removed if you do not have root access. But, you can disable those apps to avoid the use of resources for useless things.

7. Use Wi-Fi when available, instead of using data
Using Wi-Fi will save more battery life, if your office or home has a Wi-Fi network, use it instead of using a data connection.

8. Turn off automatic brightness
Adjust the screen brightness as needed, Android has the ability to adjust the brightness automatically. But it seems even more wasteful batteries because the system will detect light continuously. Manually adjusting the brightness will be a more efficient battery, use the quick settings in the notifications bar or install the power control widget.

9. Wise in choosing synchronized items in your accounts
Each account you add to the Android system has a few items that will be synchronized with the cloud services. For example, in a Google account, you will synchronize the data Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, and others. Uncheck items you do not use. It will save your Android battery.

10. Talk to other people when you are in public spaces
It’s a matter of our social behavior, since the popularity of smartphones and social networking services make us overuse smartphones, we are more likely to use smartphones while in public places, such as stations, bus stops, etc. Well, talking with people near us will save our smartphone battery life. Right?

11. Use power bank or extra battery

This method is the last option when you’ve done it all. Maybe your smartphone battery’s health has been reduced, so the above methods do not help much to improve the battery life.

Leave your smartphone when you’re hanging out with friends, enjoy your quality time, enjoy the real conversation.