Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is still a great device, it’s 2 years old now. The official update from Samsung stopped at Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but you can still enjoy the KitKat or Lollipop with custom ROMs, fortunately, SlimROMs is developing SlimLP based on AOSP source code, yes it comes with Android 5.0.1!

So, just grab the custom ROM from the following links, these work nicely on Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 and P3110.

Download SlimLP for P3100
Download SlimLP for P3110

How to install

Just put the file into tablet’s storage and flash it via custom recovery. Don’t forget to install GApps for Lollipop, grab the pico package from Paranoid Android.

Please note that this build is still in alpha stage, so you might get some bugs and errors.


Screenshot_2014-12-19-09-26-59 Screenshot_2014-12-19-09-27-06 Screenshot_2014-12-19-09-27-15 Screenshot_2014-12-19-09-27-24 Screenshot_2014-12-19-09-27-31


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