Download Flashable Stock ROM Android 4.4.4 for Moto G

Moto G had a very good community support, this is reasonable, because Moto G is one of the most successful products ever, and specifically for Motorola, Moto G is the most successful product in their history. If you are using Moto G, I recommend you to join with the cool people at XDA Developers Forum, you will get a lot of tips and help when you have problems.

One of the problems encountered is when Android users are going to install the stock ROM after trying many custom ROMs and did not find one of the best. The best option is to go back to the stock ROM. But the normal way will make you miserable, because it is quite complicated, you have to execute so many commands on the terminal. Moreover, you will lose all your data. 😦

The easier way is using a flashable zip, yup, this is the same way as when installing a custom ROM. All done through a custom recovery and all your data is safe.

Download flashable stock ROM Android 4.4.4 for Moto G below:

XT1028 (CDMA)

Verizon 4.4.4 Stock ROM (564mb) –> [Download]


Retail EU 4.4.4 Stock ROM (460mb) –> [Download]
GPE 4.4.4 Stock ROM –> (430mb) [Download]

XT1033 (Dual-SIM)

Retail Asia 4.4.4 Stock ROM (460mb) –> [Download]
Retail Brazil 4.4.4 Stock ROM (456mb) –> [Download]

XT1034 (AWS)

Retail Canada 4.4.4 Stock ROM (461mb) –> [Download]

source: XDA Developers


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